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The AF-SUPSFM would (a) expand the scope of the existing project, and (b) address a cost overrun due to exchange rate loss. By continuing to implement all four existing project components, the AF would maintain and enhance implementation capacity for participatory SFM, forest certification, reforestation, and livelihood development. The AF would also allow the implementation of innovative activities such as chain of custody certification, developing bankable forest landscape investment plans, enable and monitor sustainable private sector participation in the sector (continuing the close cooperation with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) supported project under the Forest Investment Program), strengthen multi-agency forest law enforcement, and institutionalize learning and put existing and new knowledge into use in investment and policy.

The objectives of AF-SUPSFM continue to be linked to REDD+ and climate change mitigation leading to carbon dioxide (CO2) emission reductions and the protection of forest carbon stocks. Its justification is the combating of carbon emissions caused by a decrease in the forest cover. In line with REDD+ objectives, AF-SUPSFM aims to continue and enhance forest landscape management, by promoting the creation of landscape investment plans.

Project Development Objective of AF-SUPSFM is to execute REDD+ activities through participatory sustainable forest management in priority areas and to pilot forest landscape management in four provinces. Key results from the project will include: • Forest area brought under management plans • Forest area brought under forest landscape management • People in forest and adjacent communities with monetary/non-monetary benefit from the intervention • Rate of annual forest cover loss in targeted Production Forest Areas (PFAs) • Enhanced carbon storage from improved forest protection and restoration • Reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation.

ESIA AF-SUPSFM (Eng) Download

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