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ແຈ້ງການ (Announcement)



This plan is based on the Agricultural Development Strategy (ADS) 2011 to 2020. This strategy provides the framework, the vision and the long term development goals of the Government for the sustainable development of the sector aiming at food and income security.


‘Development goals by 2020’ mentioned in the plan are;

  • Gradual introduction and increased application of modernized lowland market-oriented agricultural production and;
  • Conservation of upland ecosystems, ensuring food security and improving livelihoods of rural communities.


Specific Goals for year 2015 are;

  • The improvement of livelihoods (through agriculture and livestock activities) has food security as its first priority.
  • Increased and modernized production of agricultural commodities will lead to ‘pro-poor and green value chains’, targeting domestic, regional and global markets, based on organizations of smallholder farmers and partnering investments with the private sector.
  • Sustainable production patterns, including the stabilization of shifting cultivation and climate change adaptation measures, are adapted to the specific socio-economic and agro-ecological conditions in each region.
  • Sustainable forest management will preserve biodiversity and will lead to significant quantitative and qualitative improvements of the national forest cover, providing valuable environmental services and fair benefits to rural communities as well as public and private forest and processing enterprises.


To achieve the above goals, AMP will focus on 8 programs. They are;

  • Food production, Commodity production and farmer organizations,
  • Sustainable production patterns, land allocation and rural development,
  • Forestry development,
  • Irrigated agriculture,
  • Other agriculture and forestry infrastructure,
  • Agriculture and forestry research and extension,
  • Human resource development.


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